Choosing a Bespoke Wedding Dress

Early this year I was asked to write a post for RJH Photography’s blog. It was a fantastic opportunity for me to write a little about the benefits of choosing a bespoke gown and what the process involves.

RJH Photography is a Sheffield based Wedding Photographer. I would highly recommend their services and look forward to working with them on some collaborative projects in the coming months! Check out their website:

This is the post I wrote for their blog:

Choosing a wedding dress is one of the most challenging aspects of planning a wedding, mainly due to the fact that many brides find it difficult to find exactly the dress that they are looking for. No bride should have to compromise, after all for most brides it is the most expensive dress they will ever wear and arguably the most important. Many brides consider the bespoke option to be expensive when actually commissioning a designer to design and make a made-to-measure dress is often a similar cost, if not cheaper than some of the top Designer brands.

Having a bespoke wedding dress designed allows brides to add personal touches to their dress and walk down the aisle in a truly unique gown which is tempered with their personality and style. When commissioning a bespoke gown, brides are able to choose every aspect in the production of it. At KMR Bespoke Bridal I allow each bride to be part of the design process working with them from start to finish ensuring their specifications are met.

The wonderful process of designing a truly unique bridal gown usually involves several stages. At KMR Bespoke Bridal I outline the couture process in five stages. Firstly brides are invited to a free consultation to meet me at my design studio which focuses on the bride’s specific requirements including silhouettes, shape, style, colour and fabrics. Following the consultation I develop a range of designs to fit the bride’s specification.

The second step is the design and selection, I invite the bride to visit my studio and select a final design and fabric allowing the bride to be part of the creative process. The third step is the toile fitting. The brides design is made up as a calico toile for the bride to try on. The mock up gown is fitted and any alterations necessary are made before making the dress in the final fabric. This ensures the dress fits perfectly.

The fourth step is the dress fittings, the final fabric is cut and the bride’s dress begins to take shape. To ensure a perfect fit and to finalise finishing touches several fittings take place ensuring the bride remains involved in the couture making process. The last step is the final fitting and once complete the bride can take the gown home and wear it with pride on her special day.

So now you know a little bit more about the process of having a bespoke gown created for your day I will explain the benefits of a bespoke gown rather than an off-the-peg designer gown. Firstly a bespoke gown ensures perfect fit as it is made-to-measure with no costly alteration fees that often incur when purchasing an off the peg gown. The process involves a series of fittings allowing the bride to be involved and have an element of creative control. Every bride is able to hand pick every element of their wedding dress if they so wish. If you find that you like details from different dresses, for example the skirt of one dress and the sleeves from another it is my role as your designer to take the details that you like and combine them into one dress. Your dream dress.

It is a myth that bespoke, made to measure dresses are prohibitively expensive. Buying off the peg from a bridal shop often means you pay more, additional alteration fees can add hundreds to the cost of a gown. As a bespoke gown is made to measure alterations aren’t needed! KMR Bespoke Bridal’s wedding gowns start from £900.

When considering a bespoke dress I would advise brides to consider shapes, silhouettes, colours, fabrics, style and the theme of your wedding. By choosing the bespoke option you have the control. Try on dresses to get an idea of what you like and don’t like, search online, flick through magazines. Taking images to a designer of dresses that you think you like is a great starting point when first meeting your designer or dressmaker.

As a designer I love the challenge of creating a gown for an individual bride. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a bride trying on her dress for the first time. Not just any dress but a dress that no other bride will ever wear.

My final bit of advice is for any brides-to-be, if you’re considering a bespoke gown find a reliable designer, keep an open mind, trust the designer, they can advise you on the best options. So if you are still looking for your dream wedding dress and haven’t found “the one” don’t be afraid to consider working with a designer and commissioning a bespoke gown. You won’t just be purchasing a wedding dress, you will experience a one-of-a-kind journey that you will never forget.  You will  know that on your wedding you are wearing something truly unique that will reflect both your personality and your special day.

If any brides-to-be have any questions or queries, I am happy to help! Feel free to contact me for a free no obligation consultation. KMRbridal sketch 121